Author Topic: What's your favorite character you've ever RolePlayed?  (Read 147 times)

Marcian Tobay

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What was the character like? What setting?  8)
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Re: What's your favorite character you've ever RolePlayed?
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2017, 11:36:22 PM »
Meet Ylynd Carthal.

Ylynd is my current character in a Rise of Tiamat game being run by my friend Rachel. She is probably the most mongrel character I've played in a decade and I love her dearly.

How is she a mongrel? Let me explain.

First off, Ylynd is a Scourge Aasimar. I really liked the idea of the new Aasimar subraces from Volo's Guide, and I wanted to try one out. Scourge seemed to offer the best RP choices and the comment in the description of them frequently wearing masks inspired her look.

Second, I knew I wanted to play a Dragon Sorcerer because what could possibly be better in a "Rise of Tiamat" game?

So. Somewhere in her family tree we have humans who mated with a Dragon (Silver, in this case) and who mated with a Celestial of some sort. That's a pretty "mixed heritage" if I ever heard of one!

Since the game begins in Baldur's Gate, home of the Flaming Fist mercenary band and destination for Adventurers for centuries, I ended up writing a backstory for her in which nearly every generation has at least one adventurer in the family. It's a tradition and, while not expected, something that is encouraged by the constant tales (tall or otherwise) of family members fantastic journeys and encounters.

So, young Ylynd was brought up as a sheltered child, while at the same time constantly being told of how wild, wonderful and evil the world is. When her best friend and former tutor Talis ends up having been kidnapped by an evil Dragon Cult, Ylynd cannot possibly refuse to go and try and rescue her.

Anyway. Long story short, I'm having FAR too much fun roleplaying her as at once haughty and imperious, while also being insecure, a bit frightened and love lorn. I had to share.


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Re: What's your favorite character you've ever RolePlayed?
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2017, 12:29:05 PM »
For me it was Auger in our second game of Ao.

I was the God of Evil and an all around untrustworthy dickbag and I loved it. He brought out the best in me.


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Re: What's your favorite character you've ever RolePlayed?
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2017, 01:38:00 PM »

He brought me to all of you.
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