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The LSA System
« on: May 19, 2017, 08:18:17 PM »
Luck, Skill, and Ability.

Three dice to total up against a difficulty set by the DM, with larger dice representing better skill or ability.

Luck is 1d10. A constant companion through your leveling career.

Skill starts at 1d4, but if you're proficient in the task it becomes a 1d6 at level 1. As you go up in levels, your skill increases until eventually you hit a d10. If you have Expertise in a particular skill, increase the die size by 1, to a maximum of 1d12.

Attributes as numbers that act as abstractions for your Ability. A 1 or a 2 is a d4, a 7-8 is a d10. 9-10 is also a d10, unless your class allows you to use a d12.

To determine starting stats, roll 6d4 and give your starting scores a +4, a +3, two +2s, and a +1. One bonus per die.

The system is still under heavy development, but this is the core dice-rolling mechanic that determines success or failure. Since it's 3 dice instead of a single d10 the odds of "Rolling a Critical Failure" are minimal, and the more skilled and able you are at a task the more improbably it gets until it's essentially negligible.

Critical Successes/Hits occur when you beat the difficulty by 5. And a Lucky 7 (Rolling a 7 on all three dice) is an automatic success that yields the maximum result.


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Re: The LSA System
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